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Valentine’s Day Breakfast

This morning we had a Valentine’s Day breakfast with our little family. I wanted to make a couple quick Valentine’s themed food. Cinnamon rolls are a much anticipated breakfast treat, so I dressed them up for Valentine’s Day! You just … Continue reading

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I have a confession……when a recipe calls for butter, I always use salted butter. (I can hear the audible gasps). Yes, Ms. Martha Stewart would give me that look. Wait, I’m not done…..and when I use said salted butter, I … Continue reading

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Four Ingredients

My family LOVES cooking shows, especially competitions. The creativity the chefs have to take seemingly non-related ingredients and making a cohesive and, hopefully, delicious dish. Sometimes we look at each other and say, “that will never taste good.” Occasionally a … Continue reading

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Sweet Treat

I’m obsessed with blogs.  I would read blogs all day long if I could.  I’ve never written a blog before, but my favorite blogger got me thinking.  I’m going to start documenting my life of food.  More specifically, my life … Continue reading

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