Wait! Don’t Go Anywhere!

Hi! You’re probably looking for the cake website for Megan Mkrtschjan. Guess what? You’re in the right place!  Here’s where you probably want to be: http://icingsonthecake.com/index_v1.html

Thank you!!!

We’re in the process of changing the site over to WordPress, so until you’re done, you’ll see this page instead of the actual website…  Well, this page will become the new website, so if you’re excited about seeing the site take shape, you can randomly check back here, and even more randomly, you might see this page as it takes shape. Yippie!

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9 Responses to Wait! Don’t Go Anywhere!

  1. ducky momo says:

    mrs mkrtschjan is the best cake maker and if you do not get a cake from her you will be so sorry you will cry and also she is the best teacher on this earth

  2. Zoe says:

    hey mrs.mkrtschjan!! luv ur blog!!! i want 2 get my bday cake from u!! 😉

  3. alyssa rodway says:

    hi mrs.m! how much do you charge for a justin bieber 1 or 2 layer cake? i would like if you could make this for me for my birthday. i can ask my mom if you tell me. thanks!

    (P.S. you r the best teacher ever!)

  4. ryry says:

    hey mrs.mkrtschjan,

  5. ryry says:

    anyone who see’s the blog is now hypnotized to buy a cake from megan mkrtschjan.
    her money go’s to a good charity so please buy today.

  6. ryry says:

    Are class loves you

  7. Ryan says:

    I miss you so so much. Your cakes taste so good I love the taste of the two good for drugs cake

  8. ryry says:

    i want my b-day cake from you and plus you are so pretty

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