Sweet Treat

I’m obsessed with blogs.  I would read blogs all day long if I could.  I’ve never written a blog before, but my favorite blogger got me thinking.  I’m going to start documenting my life of food.  More specifically, my life of sweet food.  Sugary, gooey goodness.  It all started with finding a gem of a blog: bakerella.com; go ahead, take a look at it right now.  Then, I decided to buy her book and voila! my blog begins…….

These photos were taken with my iPhone….not bad.  I think it needs a bit more light.

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5 Responses to Sweet Treat

  1. Ben Gray says:

    I just subscribed :)

    So now I’m wondering who your favorite blogger is that inspired you to start one of your own.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world, Megan! I’ll just warn you . . . it’s addicting! :) Great job, though. :)

  3. Jay Mathes says:

    Wow! You’ve gotten more comments in one night than I’ve gotten in the last three months! Also, I like your pictures. You should let everybody know that they were actually taken on an iPhone. Maybe you can land an endorsement…

  4. Mom says:

    I’m a little late but…. This is great keep going my daughter.

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